Partner Program


Are you interested in becoming a partner for SBSCC hosting products and services?  

Becoming a partner is quick and easy. Our partner Program is designed to maximize our partner’s margins without having to go through a lot of hassle and expense. We believe that a strong commitment to enhancing your organizations product offerings to your clients - is the recipe for our mutual success.   

Who can sign up as a partner? 

The partner program is open to any business entity or individuals (business, computer and accounting consultants). If you sell computer related solutions to your clients; then the SBSCC hosting partner program would be a great addition to your current product offerings.  


Helping customers to choose the right hosting product for their needs, setup and supporting with advice and technical skill. SBSCC hosting partner program allows you to provide professional services across a wide range of areas.  

By becoming a member of the SBSCC hosting partner program you will receive recognition of your experience and skills, along with a number of additional benefits including:  

- Great discount margin structure - Our partner program guarantees 20 to 40 percentage discounts on our hosting products.  

-  Professional Development - SBSCC partners are provided with range of advice to develop their knowledge and consulting skill. 

Available Partner Programs:  

1.      Gold Partner

Every amazing journey begins with a little spark. Let us torch your journey, which is perfect for freelancers and startups. Get up to +20% OFF (To qualify, you must purchase at least two plans initially).

Requirement: Min US$20K annual spending.

2.      Platinum Partner

We can be that little push that you’ve been looking for, especially for those who are offering sought-after services. Get up to +30% OFF.

Requirement: Min US$30K annual spending.

3.      Titanium Partner

You’re the big game-changer. Acquire the best of the best and impress the rest. Ideal for agencies & key-industry influencers. Get up to +40% OFF.

Requirement: Min US$90K annual spending.

***Annual Spending:
>90k USD Titanium, >30k USD Platinum, >20k USD Gold (applies to new sales for the following year, but not ex-recurring).

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